Foval continues to create New Standard

The "New Standard"

A business model that from today will change your way of looking at things that didn’t exist yesterday

In 1980, the year that Forval Corporation was established, the information and telecommunications market was monopolized by a handful of companies. Looking back, it was a time of “no choice”, “sky-high charges” and “poor service”. Forval created “New Standard” business models, such as “letting you select your favorite type of telephone and the manufacturer” and “making telephone charges cheaper by plugging in a free adapter” as a way of breaking out of this situation. We create fresh “New Standard” business models, one after the other, that introduce the principle of competition to the information and telecommunications industry. We are proud to impart the notions of “improving service quality” and “reasonable prices” to this sector.

It has been 40 years since our founding. Today, the world is a rapidly changing, evolving day by day. The day will always come when today’s commonsense no longer makes sense. This is why Forval continuously strives to create “New Standard”. We do it all for the benefit of the customers who use our services.

For Social Value, Forval

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